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Ann Raabe grew up in South Africa in constant companionship with a beloved dog Smoky and a horse Beau. This sovereign trio of friends had boundless freedom in which to explore nature. In this rarefied atmosphere, Ann developed a simpatico with mother earth and the subtle worlds.

After completing a Bachelor of Science in Zoology, and while crisscrossing five continents as an ordinary vagabond, Ann worked as an environmental scientist and English teacher, along with many other less illustrious odd jobs. In 1994, Ann returned to the United States and founded Jabula Enterprises, a wholesale African Art import business. A passion for all things related to wine led to a ten year career in wine sales, wine education and becoming a sommelier.

Ann’s career as an artist is inspired by her father, a consummate watercolor painter.

Ann lives in Western Colorado.

Nose Ring
Desert Find
Je Suis
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