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Born in Melbourne, Australia. 

I am a contemporary landscape artist whose main focus is mountains and have been living in mountainous areas between Australia and Austria for many years.   


Currently I am working predominantly in monotones between black and white. Inspired by the connection between the mountains and the clouds. Which create such beautiful moods both dramatic and subtle. 

For me it is not a goal to be hyper-realistic, but portraying mountains and conveying the mountains in they way I see and feel them, how they speak to me in their constantly changing moods, through influences of light and cloud, and seasons. Like painting the soul of the mountains, and also being closely connected with

my own life experiences. Conveying a mood is an important part of the overall artwork.

I work with various mediums to create finished artworks, these being a mixture of drawing and painting. Mediums include charcoal, graphite, drawing ink, acrylic on canvas or paper, and currently now working predominantly on un-stretched canvas. The texture of the material is an important part of the finished artwork. I build each

artwork up in layers, trying to also get a depth and translucency in the artworks.

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