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For the love(r) of art" is the statement that best describes the passion and driving force behind Adrienne's bold vision to create Gallery 8 Arts. Her love for art, and its power to influence and inspire, led her to curate a contemporary space that is inspiring and welcoming.

"I recognized the need for a fresh approach to the art gallery experience. I wanted to create something outside-of-the-box that would make buying art more attainable and enjoyable. I really want people to enjoy the benefit of an artful home and life. Walls are meant to be decorated and adorned. This is not a new phenomena of the modern world, it dates back to antiquity (even pre-history!) Cave men decorated their walls and modern man should too", says Adrienne.


Adrienne's time away from the gallery is spent creating art, thinking about art and grooming her two young sons into future art critics.

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