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Shen’s first painted portrait was of Rudolph Valentino, the silent film star, in ninth grade as a gift to her grandmother, a serious movie buff. Her incredibly supportive Mom raved about her I Love Lucy paintings. Not to mention, Shen sold many family portraits demonstrating her ability to capture likenesses of known faces.

She thinks she may have painted Marilyn Monroe over a hundred times in her career.

Shen’s deep passion for music is reflected in her numerous paintings of musicians from all genres, which are in depth studies of music and the artists behind it.

Her Western paintings reflect her love of the Wild West and is a tribute to her mentor, Sun Bear.

Her Funky and Fresh paintings are her journey to revisit her graffiti roots much later in her career. Shen also likes to paint at least one mural per year to help her to “loosen up”.


Charlie Musselwhite
Bob Dylan Smokin
Jerry Garcia Sings
Jimi Hendrix Bronze
Willie Nelson
Beatles John Lennon
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